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Doherty's Ltd

 Welcome to Doherty’s Ltd we are a well-established family run business covering Ramsgate, Kent, London, and surrounding areas.


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Best Roofing Company Ramsgate

If you are looking out for the best roofing company in Ramsgate you have to come to the right place. What makes us the top rated roofing company in Ramsgate is the teamwork on roofs of privates, commercial and official buildings all around Ramsgate, Kent and London areas.

Our professional bunch of contractors can work on all types of construction projects, including flat roofs, new roofs, residential roofs and every kind of roofing. Your time and money matter the most and that is why we deliver our project within budget and on time.

Our aim is to bring you affordable, quality roofing services. Our quality and reliable service hold a reputation of delivery quality and modern production and construction services among construction competitors. Based in Marlowe Way, we operate in the surroundings of Ramsgate and London as well.

Our company holds licenses that permit us to have a legitimate risk for any issues and give security for you. Always select registered companies for your work security and environment. Our Company moreover has Protections which covers issues and gives you security cover with the work we offer.

 Roofing Contractors in Ramsgate

We know how much your home matters to you, therefore we guarantee that we deliver quality roofing and other construction services, dealt with care and expert care.

Doherty endeavors to supply clients with quality work, our company keeps up proficient morals while advertising a quick and reliable benefit. Our experts have practiced over a period of almost a decade within the work, our involvement permits us to bring an essential consistent benefit to the table.

Doherty makes the establishment of your dream domestic and makes a difference for you with establishments of equipment that will remain with you for numerous a long time within the future. Apart from roofing and repairs we are also leading constructors in guttering, patios, block paving, UPVC, flat roof repairs as well.

 We hold a reputation of experienced roofers all over the UK, you can be sure that your home is in safe hands. We have an expert team of a handyman that can deal with a wide range of construction and repair works.

Reliable Roofing Services 

Be it domestic, commercial or official property Doherty has proven itself to be the best roofing service in Ramsgate. With the best contractual staff, expert labor, latest machinery, and experience over years, Doherty leaves every other service behind. While installing a roof you want everything to be perfect from material to finish.

Roofing is as important as the basement as it covers up the whole building and ensures there won’t be any leak-outs at Doherty, ensuring that the quality material in use and the labor is the most experienced one, thus ensuring the quality of roofing be best. either it is an old-styled building or a recently constructed one, we ensure the construction and particularly the roofing to be the best.

We have a team of experts, you can pick any and can exchange your ideas. With these many years of experience, we can suggest to you the best roofing solution for your home. From antique designs to modern ceilings, we have expertise in all.


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