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Trusted Residential Roofing Company 

Doherty is known to be a trusted residential roofing company in Kent and London. People trust us for quality material, expert services, and in-budget solutions.

We are a construction company that is providing all kinds of construction-related services under one roof. We ensure you value for money and time as we have an expert team of a handyman that specializes in their related fields well.

Our expert team can handle any kind of surface and provide you a shelter that will last for years to come. High-quality material, expert advice, and experienced labor will surely help you to add value to your home. From antique to modern construction, we have our hands on all of them.

Expert Roofing Company London

There are a lot of companies operating in London that provide roofing to residencies, offices, and commercial areas. Doherty’s is known as a master of residential roofing in London.

Our handymen are masters in their work and they can ensure you keep a roof over you and your family for a long time. You can contact any of our handymen and you will get the best advice and contractual plan for your residential roofing.

Reliable Residential Roofing Contractors

We are known as expert roofing contractors in Ramsgate. We have a  team of experts that specializes in the installation of residential roofs and maintaining them all across Ramsgate.

Not that every broken roof needs to be rebuilt, some can be repaired and can serve best for long years. We never suggest replacement when a simple repair can do the work.

Customers feel happy when we sort out their problems in a simple and economical way, which makes a client happy. And we maintain a long list of happy client families. Our team is highly responsive and can get you a solution to your repair or maintenance in a few hours.

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